Cake care

'Our cakes never contain any gelatin or preservatives unless stated'

Covered in a unique solid 'handcrafted buttercream'  our cakes are created so you able to indulge in every last crumb.  

We advise you place your cake in the fridge, dependant on your occasion and ideally remove an hour prior to your event or let this be the last thing you set on the table. 

Single tier cake will stand for 6 hours and more and our stacked cakes can stand for at least 4hrs + during cooler climates and in the summer  3-4hrs. In hot climates we do advise placing the cake in a well ventilated room and have on A/C Unit on hand.

Never place our cakes in direct sunlight, like any human in the heat it will get hot & bothered and start to melt.

The best way to cut your cake is in long strips here's a video to illustrate

Cutting your cake maybe a little stiff to begin with but as the cake reaches room temperature this will ease.

To preserve any left over cake; place in an air tight container with a slice or 2 of white bread and devour within a week or 2 - refresh the bread as it dries out. For longer preservation; our cakes can be frozen for up to 3 months/ thaw out overnight and devour within 2-3 days don't forget to place in a air tight container with a slice of white bread.   



How much are your cakes?

Our cakes start from a minimum of £80 for our celebration cakes. All of our cakes are unique therefore prices are dependant on size, design spec & flavour.

How tall are your cakes?

Our Cakes naturally measure between 25 -30cm Tall. Our Extra Tall cakes measure between 35-40cm

What are your cakes covered with?

Our cakes our covered in our unique buttercream which is similar to our buttercream filling which dries solid, so you can eat every last crumb - no fondant here!

How do I store my cake before my event and any left overs

Please see above in the Cake Care. 

How do I cut my Cake?

Please see above in the Cake Care there's a video!

What kind of events do you do cakes for?

We create cakes to suit any event. We are pioneers in artistic sculpture cakes. Each are handmade and decorated; 'it's not your average'. 

Can I have more than 1 flavour in one cake?

Yes you can. There is an additional charge for each additional flavour & depending on size of cake

Is there any internal support in the cakes?

Yes, during summer we do place dowels to help support the height of the cake. Other wise, no. 

How far in advance can I order?

We take orders 1 year in advance. We ask you to order as soon as you know when you require a cake! Otherwise we require a minimum of 3 weeks booking for celebration cakes [depending on design] and 3 months for wedding cakes. We do on occasions take last minute orders this depends on how busy we are on that week, please feel free to contact us via telephone on 07496141985

Do you do post samples

We are working on a sample pack, once this is ready we will have this posed on our website. For now why not book a taster sample consultation

What's the smallest and biggest cake size available in width?

The smallest cake we do is a 4", which feeds about 4-6 people and the widest we go is a 10". Our preference is to go taller rather than wider as this is our style and signature. But we can fulfil any shape, size & design to fulfil your cake desire.

Do you sketch out ideas & cake concepts when an order is placed?

We can sketch out you cake design at an additional charge of £50, which includes 1 rework. Otherwise you are free to send in inspiration from which we can take ideas from

Do you do wedding cakes, what are the costs & where can I find more info?

Yes we do. Our wedding cakes are bespoke and designed to suit you and your wedding alone. Starting guide prices for 2 tier is from £400+ and 3 tier £700-£1000+. Final cost is dependant on style, size & design. This cost excludes delivery & set up, please email us on for more info.