The indulgent sugar plum

Is a concept bakery & lifestyle store established in 2013; producing luxurious cakes & confectionery. Each of our cakes are handcrafted and we aim for our clientele to indulge without hesitation. 

We are not afraid to cross boundaries; ‘this is not your average’.

Our ManiFeasTo...

To produce utterly desirable cakes and desserts for your ultimate pleasure. To pioneer indulgence, using art, music and crafts for inspiration in the creation of bespoke, exquisite desserts & to satisfy all your sweet cravings and for your experience with us to be unique. To allow, promote and encourage all to ‘revel’ in the ultimate pleasure that is…

The Indulgent Sugar PLum

We draw on all creative disciplines to bring a new experience to confectionery. Not only do we create cake but we inspire conversation, moments, memories; we create experiences. From the first moment you receive your cake, until the moment you eat it – we aim for our goods to ‘inspire your conversations’.

The Indulgent Sugar PLum is currently featured on Channel 4's hit series  Extreme Cake Makers series 1, 2, 3 & 4, catch up with the series here